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We are a Americans team focused on bringing Africa’s long history of natural medicines to the world wide market. We are partners with Gabon villages to establish medicinal tree farms, otherwise harvested in the wild, putting more stress on these rare plants than they are already experiencing in the face of deforestation.
We functions with Three branches, a 100% Gabon owned company and a American based import/export company. This facilitates our businesses in both regions and allows us to bring our items straight from the source to our customers without any other middlemen.
Our team is comprised of Ghana and Gabon farmers manager and medicinal plant specialist. We have farms in Gabon and Ghana run by the local villages, creating work in rural areas with high unemployment and an opportunity in profit sharing.
At the head of our commercialization are German and American social entrepreneurs, summing up decades of farming and business experience on the African continent.
The richness of the African tropics offers great healing and preventative natural medicines which are becoming less used and forgotten as foreign synthetic medicines begin to flood the local markets. Our efforts are twofold, we inspire to revalue these forgotten medicines in the localities and also share these unique botanicals with the world abroad.
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